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This Forum has been the centre of an exceptional exchange of knowledge diagnosis, treatment, symptoms and other effects of cancer during pregnancy and lactation. All are welcome to review the Questions and Answers posted here, provided that they acknowledge and accept the important proviso and disclaimer below.
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Forum > Chemotherapy: Maternal
Possible Inhalation of Chemotherapuetic Agents during Pregnancy

Date: 2006-10-30

I am six months pregnant and work on an oncology unit. I am extremely careful with chemotherapy administration. This morning my patient called me into her room because her venous access device had become dislodged and her MAID chemo (Mesna, Adria, Ifos, Dacarbazine) was leaking all over her bed. I quickly shut off the pumps and got someone else to clean the mess. I was in the room following turning off the pumps with a NIOSH respirator, gown, and double gloves--I didn't touch anything. My question is what kind of exposure did I receive via airborne contamination and is my child at risk? I don't know what I could have done differently...


The following information should not replace the assessment and advice you have been receiving from your physician (cancer specialist, obstetrician, or any other healthcare provider). It is offered for your information only.

Your potential exposure is virtually zero. Even without the protective gear-the volatility of these compounds into air is zero, especially with your type of accident. Furthermore, at 6 months of gestation these compounds are not known to increase teratogenic risk.

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